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Potential and Possibilities Educational Consulting LLC

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Meet Mary Cay Ricci

In 2009 Mary Cay began looking deeply in to  Fixed and Growth Mindset research. Carol Dweck's original work looked at the application of growth mindset into many aspects of life, Mary Cay really wanted to measure the impact in the classroom.  Growth mindset book, Mindsets in the Classroom is the result of her application to the classroom, Ready to Use Resources for Mindsets in the Classroomcame as the result of many requests for resources to compliment the original book. In 2016 Mindsets for Parents was published- Mary Cay invited her mindsets soul-mate, Meg Lee to collaborate with her on this book.  To round off the growth mindset book collection, she wrote: Nothing You Can't do! The Secret Power of Growth Mindsets for kids ages 8-13ish and Create a Growth Mindset School for school and central office administrators

Potential and Possibilities Educational Consulting LLC was born due to the energy surrounding mindsets professional learning and consulting across the US and Canada. When considering a name, I kept playing around with the message that I send during my consulting sessions, keynotes and presentations--to view ALL students through a lens of potential and possibilities. I am looking forward to continuing to  meet with educators - I have learned so much from the places I visit and the educators that I meet.